3 Forbidden Ways to Make Money with Proxies Online

Our latest blog series explored how to make money with proxies legally.

Perhaps you’re delighted with that.

But what of the forbidden fruit?

The blackhat methods.

While I can’t endorse all that follows, it never hurts to shed light on the shadows.

And so here it is.

A brief compilation of ways to make money with proxies that websites and search engines would rather keep hidden from you.

1. Adsense Cheats

Google Adsense is a way to make money through hosting advertisements on your website. If you’ve ever run Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads on Google, you’ve had to pay a fee you pay for each click on your ad. Over time you can calculate the ROI from your ad spend and find a profitable business model.

adsense cheats

There are a lot of Adsense cheats out there. Some people recommend cloaking your site, using click bots, or injecting malware. But these methods can get you banned from Google Adsense.

Some of the ideas I present are illegal, and others are merely forbidden by the web hosts. Some sabotage the advertising budget of businesses, while others take advantage of a platform.


Most people use cloaking for SEO purposes. The idea is to present one version of your website to search engine crawlers while real users redirect to a landing page with affiliate links.

For example, Facebook forbids using its ad campaigns for affiliate marketing. You can’t just pay for ads to funnel leads to a landing page with affiliate links. Instead, you use cloaked links, so Facebook’s crawlers see a regular site. Meanwhile, when normal users click on it, they proceed to your landing page with all the links.

If you are caught, you’ll be in ban-town in no time. It’s pretty common to get noticed, so those who do it use proxies to create multiple business accounts that aren’t linked to each other. These kind of account are known as stealth Facebook accounts.


Click bots are software programs that can automatically click on ads. They can even mimic a real user. The reason to use a click bot is to increase the number of clicks on affiliate ads that you have on your landing page. That way, you get paid for nothing and waste the advertiser’s PPC advertising budget – because bots don’t buy products or services.


You can see why click bots aren’t held in high esteem and could end up leading you into fraud charges.

Regardless, click bots are a common practice and are even used to increase the PPC rate of specific keywords.

To run click bots that appear to come from a real user, it’s necessary to use residential proxies. That way, it still seems as though the traffic is coming from real people with local IP addresses.

Malware Injection

Malware can be a nasty business. Other times, it’s just the cost of doing business. Here’s what I mean:

Sometimes when people use free proxies, they aren’t really free. After some time, it becomes evident that the free proxies have made minor changes to your browsing experience. Those who offer free proxies can inject malware into your computer that superimpose their ads onto the ads you would usually see.

malware injection

This isn’t harmful to your computer but usually slows it down. Plus, it may not be wise to trust anyone who injects malware into your system.

This can be done using VPNs and virtual networks as well.

The interaction is a service in exchange for force-feeding ads to the users.

News Aggregators and Autoblog

News aggregation websites simply use web scrapers to copy the latest news releases on other websites to autogenerate a news feed on their site. Even though there’s a certain level of plagiarism going on, there seems to be a loophole because of the contestant updating.

If you have a news feed on your website, you just have to run ads to generate money.

It’s necessary to use rotating residential proxies to scrape other news from around the world. All you need is a webpage, web scrapers, and proxies.

One way to build backlink authority in a short manner of time is to take over the authority of another website. You don’t actually have to steal the website though.

You can use a web scraper to crawl for expired and abandoned domains that are relevant to your niche. There are thousands of websites that see their last day every day. Once you acquire the domains, you just need to find all the content they had through web archives and paste it back on.

The old content will have links that point to it, and will also have links that point to other sites. All you need to do if find ways to replace the links with your own so that these websites backlink your website.

This is also a blackhat technique used in professional SEO services to fabricate backlink authority. You just need to be careful not to get caught for copyrighting and to cover your tracks by removing any contact details of the previous owner.

Another thing to note is that the websites you acquire will need to have some relationship to the website you plan to build authority for. Otherwise, search engines will discover your dirty little secret.

3. Carding and Phishing for CCs

This may be the most brutal of the ways to make money with proxies. You only really need to proxies to cover your identity so that the feds don’t arrest your for stealing other people’s identities.

Carding can be done simply by purchasing stolen credit card details over the dark web and using them to make purchases online. Usually carders will be cellphones or other electronics they can acquire with low risk and sell off quickly.

It takes some skill to card safely.

In order for carding to work, you must use residential proxies that below to the same region as the card holder. Otherwise you risk tripping the alarms of the credit card company.

In no way should you ever do this, even though insurance companies will likely pay for any losses. It’s still a criminal offense and banks have the means to cause you a lot of trouble.

The way that credit card details are often stolen are through phishing scams. It usually happens when you open an attachment you shouldn’t and malware or spyware is planted on your computer. After this, the phisher can access sensitive information like your credit card details.

The malware may also force you to use unencrypted web protocols so that they can see all the log in details that would normally be hidden.

So, please don’t use our proxies for anything illegal. These examples are just to inform you about the potential abuse that can come with the power of anonymity.

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