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Sports means passion, blood, sweat, and tears. Millions of fans around the world gather in front of a TV, a computer or a mobile device, to enjoy the performances of their favourite teams and individual athletes in all disciplines. They represent a distraction among the storm that is our current world.

One of the most widely followed sporting events is the Formula One season. The competition goes to 21 countries around the world, and local people get to hear the engines roaring from start to end. There is a myriad of TV channels and networks that air the incidences as well, and fans can also watch their beloved F1 via live streaming.

Car and driver: A never-ending romance

Motorsports have long been a passionate discipline. Juan Manuel Fangio, Jim Clark, Nikki Lauda, James Hunt, Ayrton Senna, Alain Prost, Michael Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton, and numerous others have taken the Formula 1, which is the biggest competition within the discipline, to another level.

The 2018 edition of the Formula One World Championship recently completed the midpoint of the calendar. There are 21 races this year, and 12 are already under water. The 13º competition will be the Belgian Grand Prix, to be raced this weekend at its customary track: Spa-Francorchamps.

Lewis Hamilton is the leading driver at the moment with 213 points. The British has managed to win five competitions and is looking for his third straight victory. However, Ferrari’s leading man Sebastian Vettel is his primary foe and is a close second in the standings with 189 units.

There are nine competitions left, so there is plenty of time for Vettel and other drivers such as Daniel Ricciardo, Kimi Raikkonen, or even Valtteri Bottas, to catch up with Hamilton’s line and performance. However, the four-time champion from the United Kingdom is looking stronger than ever.

Drivers’ Championship (Standings)

Driver                                  Nat        Team                    Pts

  1. Hamilton GBR Mercedes                                                         213
  2. Vettel GER Ferrari                                                                     189
  3. Raikkonen FIN Ferrari                                                              146
  4. Bottas FIN Mercedes                                                                  132
  5. Ricciardo AUS Red Bull                                                             118
  6. Verstappen NED Red Bull                                                         105
  7. Hulkenberg GER        Renault                                                      52
  8. Magnussen DEN       Haas                                                             45
  9. Alonso ESP McLaren                                                                      44
  10. Perez MEX Force India                                                                  30
  11. Sainz ESP Renault                                                                           30
  12. Ocon FRA Force India                                                                    29
  13. Gasly FRA Toro Rosso                                                                    26
  14. Grosjean FRA Haas                                                                        21
  15. Leclerc MON     Sauber                                                                   13
  16. Vandoorne BEL        McLaren                                                        8
  17. Ericsson SWE       Sauber                                                                 5
  18. Stroll CAN       Williams                                                                    4
  19. Hartley NZL Toro Rosso                                                                  2

Team standings

#                            Team                                             Pts

1                            Mercedes                                          345

2                            Ferrari                                                335

3                            Red Bull                                             223

4                            Renault                                              82

5                            Haas                                                   66

6                            McLaren                                            52

7                            Toro Rosso                                       28

8                            Sauber                                                18

9                            Williams                                             4

10                          Force India                                        0

2018 Formula 1 broadcasting (online channels)

  • Worldwide: F1 TV, Formula One App.
  • Australia: Tenplay, Fox Sports Australia.
  • Brazil: Globo Play, SporTV Play.
  • Canada: TSN GO, RDS GO.
  • China: Tencent, CCTV.
  • Croatia: MAXtv To Go Match.
  • Finland: MTV3.
  • Germany: n-tv, RTL.
  • Japan: DAZN.
  • Sub-Saharan Africa: SuperSport.
  • The Middle East and North Africa: beIN Sports Connect.
  • Poland: Eleven Sports.
  • Portugal: SportTV Multiscreen.
  • Sweden: Viasat.
  • United Kingdom: All 4, Sky Sports, BBC iPlayer Radio.
  • United States: WatchESPN, Univision NOW.

The Formula One has, literally, millions of fans around the world. Every continent has a sizable contingent of people looking to enjoy the races, whether it is right at the venue, via television, or live streaming.

However, these services are restricted for the location that provides it. For example, only people in Portugal can watch SporTV live streaming, and Viasat is only available for the Swedish. These networks have licensing agreements to broadcast the competition exclusively in their area, and any connection request from abroad would fall under geo-blocking measures.

To recognize people’s location, these online channels only have to see the person’s IP address. If you want to access one of these services from a different place, you will have the find a way to modify your IP number temporarily.

VPN allows you to stream the F1 live from anywhere

Fortunately, and although it may seem complicated, it is very easy to manipulate your IP address to unblock restricted sites online. It involves using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) app to spoof your location and connect to a server from any country offered by your favourite provider.

VPNs are tools for online encryption that use protocols to create a virtual tunnel for the user’s data – primarily its IP address and shared content online – to travel safely. The intention of hiding the browsing history and visited pages is avoiding external agents to have access to it.

However, the reason why people want to hide their online identity (i.e., their IP address) is to avoid being located when they use the web. Networks and channels implementing geo-blocking will not be able to restrict access anymore if you connect to a virtual server from that particular country.

IPBurger VPN is one of the fastest-growing brands for content encryption and location spoofing. It provides shared and dedicated IP addresses for performing various activities securely and anonymously, including F1 live streaming.

In conclusion, Formula 1 is in its best moment of the season, with Lewis Hamilton leading the pack and several drivers following him closely. If you want to enjoy F1 live streaming, hire IPBurger VPN or any other reliable brand.

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