Cooking Sneaker Restocks: Tools You Need & How to Prepare

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

And cooking sneaker restocks is no exception.

If you’re a sneakerhead, then sneaker restocks can be the best times of the year. But with so many sneakerheads trying to cop kicks on restocks, it can be difficult to get your hands on what you want.

I want to help!

In this blog post, I’ll discuss how to prepare for sneakers restocks using tools like Restock Alerts, Quick Tasks, Automation Apps and Sneaker Proxies that will make sneaker snatching easier for you.

That old Seneca must have been a sneakerhead, or he at least donned flashy pairs of limited edition gladiator sandals that made his tunic’s embroidery sing like a choir of angels.

So we’ll follow his lead – with preparation and opportunity.

Preparing for Sneaker Restocks

To prepare for restocks, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with tools and processes you need to complete the transactions.

These include..

  • Sneaker bots – Always rent before you buy a sneaker bot, and go through the tutorials and reviews before your rent!
  • Sneaker proxies – They play the most important role and greatly influence your bot’s performance.
  • Shoe retailer websites you plan to cook – Different combinations of sneaker bots and proxies work better on different sites.
  • Autofill or auto checkout tools – For manual copping you can use browser extensions like fatty extension to speed-up check-outs
  • Task set ups – You won’t stand a chance to cop unless you have everything ready to go before restocks happen.

All of these need to be primed and ready for when the sneakers drop. If you’re new to sneaker restocks and sneaker shopping in general, I recommend checking out this blog post on sneaker bots and then pick a few that stand out from the crowd.

Always read reviews before choosing any sneaker bot service – it’s important that they have an active community behind them who will be happy to advise you if anything goes wrong.

Practice Makes Perfect

Any pro baller will practice lay-ups like a million-ish times before they feather in that two point tie-breaker in the fourth quarter of a high-stakes, high-pressure game.

Likewise, the first phase of sneaker restock preparation is to familiarize yourself with the steps you need to take to cop a pair of sneakers on your target sites – from start to finish.

You don’t need to use sneaker bots or proxies to begin with. You just need some first-hand experience to iron-out the cooking recipes and site protocols.

There’s no time to hesitate or make mistakes when it’s game time.

Quick Task Setup for Shopify Restocks

Quick task is a feature most commonly used for Shopify that creates a massive shortcut to checkout. As soon as you receive a restock alert, all it takes is one click to execute the whole chain of events that end in an order confirmation e-mail.

To set this up you will need to..

  • Be in a sneaker cook group or bot discord channel that has Shopify monitors.
  • Run a sneaker bot that has a Shopify module (not all bots have this, so be sure to check before you buy or rent a sneaker bot).
  • Set up your backend quick task settings (proxies, auto solvers, billing info..).
  • Link your Shopify bot to the monitors in your discord group.
  • Be ready at your computer station to solve captchas and click quick tasks.

After you click the quick task button under the sneaker listed by the discord Shopify monitor, the checkout process is set in motion.

Preset for Footsite Restocks

Footsite drops happen with very little warning, so you want to prepare everything you can beforehand. That way, you can take advantage of every second.

Ideally, you will have everything programmed and waiting for each release. For each customer profile you have on footsites (like Footlocker or Champs), you’ll need to set up..

  • Separate sneaker proxies
  • A server to keep your bots running
  • Payment and shipping information
  • Tasks for your sneaker bot

Everything should be set up as if you were ready to press start on a drop. Of course, you won’t have the right SKU (product barcode) right away – but that’s all you’ll need to complete the order as soon as you get a restock alert.

This should really be the mentality when it comes to any sneaker releases. If it’s possible to press one button on a drop – make it happen. Many people waste time loading webpages, filling into personal details, and wonder why they aren’t copping anything.

Sneaker Restock Automation

Some sneaker bots like Prism, Valor, NSB, Zephyr and Sigma have a special feature where they monitor SKUs or product listings and essentially auto-cop drops.

If your sneaker bot does not have these automation features, you can also try out third-party automation tools.

Joker is an automation application that adds a SKU monitor and auto-cop feature to your bots. It currently works with Cyber, PrismAIO, Kylinbot, WhatBot, Wrathbot, KODAIAIO, BalkoBot, NebulaBots, HayhaBots, ValorAIO, TorpedoAIO, GaneshBot, KageAIO.

Bot Buddy and Kodai Essentials are handy tools that help you organize and automate your proxies, profiles, and bots.

These features and applications help you to hit sneakers 24/7 without any alerts or notifications.

A word of extreme caution: be uber-careful when you enter information for automatic purchasing. One wrong digit and you may empty your bank account on an order of bricks. Unless you want to open a street-kiosk that sells stuff no one wants – please quadruple-check every detail, at the very least.

Sneaker Restock Opportunities

Now that you have the ground work laid out, you have the necessary preparation to take advantage of opportunities that arise.

To notice the arising of said opportunities, you’ll need to connect to the right information sources. The absolute unnegotiable resource will be your sneaker cook group. But you may also find some restock alert apps and Twitter accounts to share some decent leaks.

Sneaker Cook Groups

A sneaker cook group is basically a digital community of like-minded people who are dedicated to the same goal: getting new sneakers.

You’ll gain access to first hand information about restocks and other sources before anyone else knows they’re on the shelves.

I can’t stress this enough – if you want the most efficient and comprehensive restock alerts, make sure you find a good sneaker cook group.

Not only do they have sneaker monitors, some employ staff members whose job it is to scour Twitter feeds and restock apps to keep their members up-to-date.

Sneaker Restock Alert Apps

There are a few different restock alert apps out there, but they all serve the same purpose: to notify you through push notifications when sneakers of your choice drop.

All of these alerts work differently.

Solelinks is a restock alert app that’s free and has a clean design. It sends you direct links to product listings, which saves you some time. However, it gets a little tripped up during high-volume drops, so I wouldn’t depend on it.

J23 is another app that sends you alerts for sneaker releases and restocks, and also includes a brief history of each shoe. It’s not free, but for $2 it’s certainly not gonna dent your wallet too badly.

Twitter Accounts

99% of the sneaker restock alerts on Twitter aren’t going to help you much. By the time you read them, it’s already too late.

In general, Twitter accounts that post alerts for restocks and releases can be useful to follow if you want to keep track of what’s dropping soon or when the next raffle is going down.

That way you can prepare for the drop when it does happen.

The best kind of accounts to follow are sneaker bot vendors, shoe retailers, and popular sneakerheads. But to get you started, here’s a few worth mentioning:







If you’ve got an account on any of the major social media sites, restocks are always gonna be posted there. You could also search hashtags for drops that could let you know when something is coming up soon

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