3 Best Static Residential Proxies Services 2022

Static residential proxies are also known as ISP proxies. This article reveals how they can give you the best of residential and data center capabilities.

We also review three of the most wholesome static residential proxy vendors that everyone can rely on. Then, just for you, sneakerheads, we also supply a long list of ISP proxy providers specific to your niche.

What are static residential proxies?

Unlike most residential proxies, whose nature is to rotate IPs, static residential proxies allow you to keep the same IP address. Additionally, they are powered by a data center yet have a residential identity, or IP address, assigned to them by an Internet Service Provider. This is why they are also called ISP proxies. 

What are rotating residential proxies? 

A rotating residential proxy defines all residential proxies that are not static residential proxies. IP addresses rotate often within their local networks. This is why residential proxies are useful for automation tools like web scraping and sneaker botting — they rarely get banned. 

The emphasis on ‘rotating’ is also important to note. Rotating IPs while scraping webpages is necessary so you don’t get banned. The same goes for many other automation activities like botting. If you do get blocked, you can just use the next residential IP in the rotation. 

Rotating vs. static residential proxies 

There are key similarities and differences between rotating residential proxies and static residential proxies. For one, both proxies use IP addresses associated with Internet Serice Providers. This means they are much less likely to be detected and blocked than traditional datacenter proxies. Additionally, both types of proxies can be used to bypass geo-restrictions and access content that is normally only available in certain locations.

However, the two types of proxies also have some key differences. Rotating residential proxies change their IP address after a set period, making them more difficult to detect and block. Static residential proxies, on the other hand, use the same IP address for the entire session. This makes them easier to detect and more likely to be trusted by websites and online services.

Key points about static residential proxies.

  • Static residential proxies, or ISP proxies, are IP addresses registered with internet service providers (ISPs). In contrast to residential proxies, they originate from servers rather than physical devices.
  • ISP proxies are generally better for sneaker botting and managing multiple social media accounts because they don’t cycle through IPs.
  • ISP packages may be charged in bandwidth or per IP, depending on the service provider. Most importantly, it’s better to have unlimited data for web scraping. 
  • This is because ISP proxies are more expensive in many use cases but can turn out more affordable for some data collection projects. 
  • They are as fast and reliable as datacenter IPs, and anyone can buy them.
  • Static residential proxies are tougher to discover and less vulnerable to subnet blocks than datacenter proxies.

The best full-package static residential proxy services.

A few key factors make a good static residential proxy service.

  1. A large pool of IP addresses. This ensures that you always have a fresh IP address for your needs.
  2. Fast speeds. Which is never a problem with ISP proxies.
  3. Reliable. This means that the proxies should always be online and working properly. Again, usually not a problem with static residential proxies.
  4. Fast and simple. Customer service and user interface should support you from purchase to off-boarding. Some companies just take your money, and you have to initiate every step of the way.
  5. Finally, the service should be affordable. This way, you can use the proxies as often as you need without breaking the bank.

For the most part, the following static residential proxy service providers honor these qualities most of the time.

static residential proxies


IPBurger offers unlimited connections and 30GB for just $29 a month in their starter package.

Besides having brand-spanking new blocks of ISP proxies on their roster, IPBurger is just a good company. They’re always working hard to improve the client experience.

  • Customer service is real person-to-person solutions
  • The user interface is sleek and comes with an intelligent layout you don’t need to ponder over
  • UK static residential proxies and US static residential proxies (this one is for you, sneakerheads)
  • A massive pool of IPs if you want to rotate between ISP proxies (web scrapers and automation peeps)
  • Fantastic value for money
static residential proxies


Packages start as low as $25 monthly for five IPs.

Previously known as Blazing SEO, rebranded Rayobyte has an impressive selection of services. They have rotating ISP and regular static residential proxies. They supply the individual with packages as low as $5 a month and serve other providers and large companies with proxy subnets.

  • ISP proxies from multiple ISP vendors such as Verizon and Comcast
  • Excellent customer service and highly-knowledgeable team
  • Wide range of prices for small businesses, individuals, and large enterprises
  • Fast speeds of 1GBps
  • Also, they cater to web scraping operations with rotating ISP proxies
static residential proxies


Oxy labs starter package is $340 monthly for 20GB of data. gasp

Oxylabs static residential proxies are one of the market’s most popular proxy providers. They’re like BrightData’s slightly more loveable little brother. They offer ISP proxy pools, making them a great choice for web scraping.

  • Choose from various IP locations and select the type of connection you want (HTTPS, SOCKS5, etc.).
  • They offer a money-back guarantee. This is a great way to try out their service without worrying about losing money.
  • Their packages are specific for rotating static residential proxies (a bit contradicting).
  • More geared toward larger businesses with a healthy data collection budget.
  • Customer service is great if you’re spending money but average for smaller customers.

Static residential proxies for sneaker bots.

These providers are in a different class than the first three. Although each has its brand and vibe, they offer the same juice. Most of the time, their ISP proxies are set up the same way as major proxy vendors. Other times, they just resell.

The important thing to remember about sneaker proxies is that different ISPs work better on different sites. Using a cook group helps immensely in this arena. But Before you choose a sneaker cook group, READ THIS. (A blog post introducing the importance of choosing a cook group).

  • Zhu Proxies
  • Leaf Proxies
  • Proxy Drop,
  • Proxy Haven
  • Live Proxies
  • Bart Proxies
  • Space Proxies
  • Lemon Proxies
  • Diamond Proxies
  • Rainbow Proxies
  • Oculus Proxies
  • Wolves Proxies
  • Stat Proxies
  • Ping Proxies… The list goes on.

You can use these sneaker proxies for other purposes like web scraping or managing social media profiles, but there are downsides.

They do not have services like proxy rotation or a user dashboard that brings everything together. You just get your IP address to plug into the sneaker bot. However, many of these providers have tools specific to sneaker copping, like captcha puzzle solvers and Gmail generators.

Should you use static residential proxies?

For the longest time, static residential proxies were coveted by sneaker fans and resellers. They combine the power, speed, and reliability of datacenter proxies with the no-detection you get using residential proxies.

Nowadays, ISP proxies (how you name them in sneaker terms) are used for web scraping and managing social media or seller accounts.

If you’re not doing any of those things, you probably don’t need static residential proxies unless you want to spend the extra money for premium speed and connectivity. In the future, we’ll probably see more and more large companies using static residential proxies to secure their data banks and digital assets because they provide more stability and certainty.

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