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The 6 Best Sneaker Proxies to Cop Grails in 2022

Looking for the best sneaker proxies so your sneaker bot can work its magic? This article reveals 5 of the top sneaker proxies and what to look for when deciding.

If you’re looking to step up your sneaker game, you’re going to need a good proxy. A proxy is an IP address that helps you mask your identity and location online. This is important for several reasons, especially when it comes to using sneaker bots.

There are a lot of different sneaker proxies out there, and it can be hard to know which one to choose. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best sneaker proxies for sneaker bots. We’ve got you covered whether you’re looking for the fastest, most reliable, or most affordable option.

Quick look at the best proxies for sneaker bots.

  1. IPBurger
  2. Rayobyte
  3. Proxydrop
  4. Scarlet Proxies
  5. Chi Proxies
  6. Oculus Proxies

What are sneaker proxies?

Sneaker proxies are a set of connections made from one computer to another. Sneaker proxies can be used to speed up your connections. And last but not least, sneaker proxies can be used to avoid captchas.

Sneaker proxies are mainly used by people who are sneaker collectors. Some websites sell these sneakers. You need to beat the other collectors in a matter of seconds. The bots that purchase these sneakers require proxies because these websites block certain IP addresses.

Choosing the best proxies for sneaker bots.

A sneaker proxy with fast speed will likely be expensive since it is most in demand while also more difficult to provide. On the other hand, cheaper sneaker proxies are slow, with low success rates, and have limited locations.

As for finding fast and affordable proxies, the following is a checklist for choosing the best proxies for sneaker bots.

  1. Use residential or ISP proxies – While datacenter proxies can work, they are not optimizing your win-loss ratio.
  2. Get proxies near the store’s server – It takes less time for information to travel smaller distances, so make sure your proxies are near the servers hosting the sales.
  3. Do you need to keep the same IP – In the case of queue lines common with sneaker drops, you need to make sure your residential proxies have sticky sessions of up to 30 minutes. Otherwise, stick with ISP proxies that do not rotate.

Residential proxies vs. datacenter proxies for sneakers.

In many cases, datacenter proxies are preferable because they are faster and more reliable. However, residential proxies can also be helpful in some instances, primarily when bypassing IP restrictions or blockades. It really depends on your situation and what you are trying to accomplish. Too bad there wasn’t a way to combine DC and residential proxies…wait, what?

No compromise: ISP sneaker proxies.

ISP proxies are a type of proxy provided by an internet service provider. These proxies are typically only accessible to paying customers of the ISP. They tend to be very fast and reliable. However, they can be difficult to obtain since only a few providers can access them.

ISP proxies combine the best of both worlds—the residential IP that bypasses bans and the power and reliability of datacenters. Although they come at a steeper price, they pay for themselves by copping more sneakers on average.

For more information on ISP proxies, check out our blog post, What are ISP Proxies?

The best proxies for sneaker bots on each sneaker site.

‘Sneaker proxy’ means any proxy—datacenter, residential and ISP—we use for sneaker bots or raffles. You may find them with different names that indicate what kind of sneaker sites they work best with. 

Nike SNKRSResidential
Adidas YeezyDatacenter
JD FinishlineISP

Sneaker proxies best practices.

The more, the merrier – the more sneaker proxies you have, the better chances you have to win.

The golden sneaker bot ratio – to avoid getting blocked by sneaker websites, it’s best to use the 1:1 task-to-IP ratio.

Stock up on CAPTCHA tokens – captchas can be a nuisance if you don’t have tokens that let you bypass them.

Monitor sneaker shops – a good cook group will help you monitor sneaker drops, but it’s always good to have some proxies on hand to monitor yourself.

Get rid of slow IPs – this applies to residential proxies. Before a release, run your IPs through Proxydrop’s or your bot’s proxy checker and remove addresses with high ping.

The best sneaker proxy providers 2022.

IPBurger’s proxies are the best for sneaker collectors for a few reasons. First, their proxies are the fastest and most reliable on the market. Second, their proxies have a low latency, which is ideal for quickly obtaining sneakers. Third, their pricing is very competitive. And finally, their customer service is top-notch. You will always receive excellent support from IPBurger.

  • ISP, mobile, and residential proxies
  • Massive IP pools
  • Largest residential location base with over 2100 cities worldwide 
  • Excellent and knowledgeable customer service
  • Fast and effective user-friendly dashboard
  • Instant access and fast setup

Rayobyte is also a great ISP proxy provider for sneaker collectors. Their proxies are fast and reliable, which is important for quickly obtaining sneakers. They have low latency, so you can get your sneakers before anyone else. Rayobyte is also affordable and has great customer service.

  • ISP, residential, DC, and mobile proxies
  • Gigantic IP pools
  • Ethically sourced IPs
  • Great customer service
  • Fantastic user dashboard
  • Starts at $25 for 5 ISP proxies

Proxydrop is another great ISP proxy provider. They have the best prices in the industry, and their proxies are top-notch. Proxydrop guarantees fast access to sneakers and offers a 100% money-back guarantee. They offer 24/7 customer support, and their proxies are high quality.

  • 28M+ IP pool
  • Smart server routing, so you’re using proxies close to the drop point
  • Residential and ISP proxies 
  • Free proxy checker and Discord community

Scarlet proxies are very similar to the other ISP proxy services we have discussed. They offer the same benefits; however, there are some differences. For instance, Scarlet proxies are cheaper and more affordable than some of the other services. They also have a larger capacity, meaning their proxies can handle more traffic simultaneously. Lastly, Scarlet proxies have a simple and easy-to-use interface, which makes them perfect for beginner sneaker collectors.

  • Residential, datacenter, and ISP proxies
  • Starting at $30 for 2GB
  • Large IP pool
  • Only active during drops to keep proxies clean

Chi Proxies offers more than 300 locations worldwide, including the US, China, Japan, and the UK. The second advantage is the speed and stability of the service. It is based on multiple internet connection types (wireless 4G, wired fiber, etc.), guaranteeing more than 95% uptime.

Because each IP proxy is connected to its own high-speed network and has a high bandwidth rate, the connection is very quick and responsive. The connection speed is essential to buy limited sneakers and clothes online.

  • Been around since 2017
  • Support through a free Discord channel
  • Sleek user-friendly dashboard
  • Available locations across 15 countries
  • Plans start at $25 

Oculus proxies are great because they are affordable, have good speeds, and have a built-in proxy test mode. They also offer 24/7 support and have multiple server locations. Oculus proxies are a great way to ensure the success of your bot.

  • ISP, DC, and residential proxies
  • Flexible plans that start at $24 weekly
  • Free Discord support channel
  • Virginia, New York, and Chicago proxies

The all-inclusive sneaker proxy vendor.

If you’re looking for the best proxies for sneaker bots, look no further than IPBurger. Our residential and ISP proxies are perfect for sneaker bots and will help you cop the hottest sneakers out there. So don’t wait any longer. Sign up for IPBurger today and get started on your sneaker botting journey!

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