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The 5 Best Proxies for SEO in 2022

Looking for the best proxies for SEO to improve your website’s ranking in search engines? We have a list.

You know how important it is to use proxies for SEO tasks. But not all proxies are built or delivered the same.

Some may not even work.

This article features a ‘proxies for SEO’ buyer’s guide and our recommendations based on criteria we explain in detail.

Proxies for SEO Summary

  • Proxies for SEO usually use residential IP addresses, but some tasks and budgets can benefit from datacenter IPs
  • You can use these proxies to support SEO tasks like keyword research, track SERP rankings, and monitor competitors
  • IP pool size, customer service, city-level targeting, performance, and auto-rotation are important to consider
  • IPBurger checks all the boxes, but the alternatives are excellent and have some pretty neat features

What are SEO proxies?

Proxies for SEO help you perform search engine optimization (SEO) tasks like keyword research, competitor analysis, and rank tracking. These proxies often use residential IPs from real user devices. Like computers, laptops, and smartphones.

Why use proxies for SEO?

We know that we must use SEO proxies to get local search data, but there are a few more reasons too. 

It helps determine accurate search ranking

Let’s say you want to get search results for a keyword to see how your website ranks. Without using proxies, you won’t get accurate results. 

Google keeps track of what YOU search for. It uses your browsing data to personalize the results. But with a proxy, there is nothing but the location of the IP address to influence the search results. Yet, you must use a clean browser profile too.

Prevent bans while SEO scraping

Websites block IPs when they think your online behavior looks like malware or a virus. 

You’re not doing that, but websites are right to be wary of requests for a lot of data because that’s what hackers also do.

By using rotating proxies, you can get your SEO scraping done. Each request from your web scraper comes from a new IP.

Bypass geographical restrictions

Google and other search engines base their results on geographic location. We know this already. They include results from all around the world. You can choose the location of your IP address by setting the location in a proxy manager. This gives the impression that you are doing business in the US. 

Say you want to expand your business into other nations. You can test the waters or conduct the initial research using an SEO scraper. All you need is a proxy IP address from another country.

What if you’re traveling somewhere that restricts access to some websites? Turn on your proxy, and you can continue to work with your keyword scraper.

Localize search results

Since we can influence the search results by our IP’s origin, we have another trick. We can set the proxy to whatever city we want as long as our provider has it in their inventory. Then we can see what a user in that geography gets as search results.

Types of proxies for SEO.

Residential proxies aren’t the only types of proxies you can use for SEO purposes. You can also use mobile, datacenter, and ISP proxies. Let’s look at how each one offers different advantages and disadvantages. 

Residential proxies—are the most common for SEO tasks because you can get them in most locations. This means you can target SEO rankings and competitors at a city level. You can also use automation tools like web scrapers. This is because residential proxies rotate IPs. 

Datacenter proxies—are the cheapest option if you don’t need to rotate proxies and don’t mind managing the proxies. These can work well for site audits or web scraping on low-security websites. 

Mobile proxies—work the same as residential proxies. They can come in handy when auditing mobile sites and applications. 

ISP proxies—do not rotate on their own, so you need to be comfortable with a proxy management tool. They’re also more expensive and have limited locations. Other than that, ISP proxies are as fast and reliable as any other proxy and can easily bypass bans.

How to choose proxies for SEO.

  • Proxy pool size: A larger pool of IP addresses results in a cleaner pool for residential proxies. More IPs receive the traffic, which spreads out any contamination. It doesn’t matter as much with datacenter proxies if the provider can select IPs that work with your target.
  • Features: For local SEO, city targeting is crucial. Automatic rotation is also helpful; some service providers offer more beneficial rotation settings.
  • Performance: Performance elements such as connection speed and success rate may change. It depends on the load, provider infrastructure, and IP quality.
  • Customer service: Four-hour email responses on business days should be enough for a side project. Live chat help from a technical team around the clock if the proxies support mission-critical operations.

Where to get the best SEO proxies in 2022.

Now that we know what the best proxies for SEO look like, we can assess our options. The following have come from reviews and data online. 

proxies for seo


IPBurger is less well-known than many other service providers but has been in business for about 13 years.

IPBurger is a privacy-conscious company that provides a range of proxy services.

You may avoid regional limits and develop your business while saving time and effort on other tasks using proxies from IPBurger. 

It has one of the largest proxy pools on the market and one of the best regional targeting and support.

It also contains a bevy of features that you’re guaranteed to like. 

This includes an infinite number of threads and connections and sophisticated user tools.

  • Locations: 2100+ cities worldwide
  • Rotation: Static, Sticky, or Automatic
  • Support: 24/7 via email, tickets, live chat, and tutorials
  • Price: Starts at $69 monthly
proxies for seo


Rayobyte is in charge of a large network of dedicated datacenter proxies and a pool of residential ISP addresses that keeps growing. 

Both are cheaper than their competitors, don’t need much money to start, and can grow well if needed. 

People often use their datacenter proxies with Google, so they’re a little burnt out. But you can use them with other search engines. 

There are no rules about threads or traffic. 

Besides its intuitive interface, Rayobyte allows plenty of control over your account via its dashboard. You can change your plan, change your IP address (once a month), and even access the service’s API with only a few clicks. 

For the time being, you may only contact customer support by email and have to wait for a few hours for a response.

  • Locations: 30 countries
  • Rotation: Static or Automatic
  • Support: 24/7 via tickets
  • Price: ISP proxies start from $25 for 5 IPs. 1 GB free trial.
proxies for seo


If your small to medium firm needs rotating SEO proxies, Smartproxy is an excellent option. 

Its rotating datacenter IPs can scan many US websites on a limited budget, and its residential IP pool is large.

Along with the proxies, Smartproxy offers a fantastic service that is easy to use and well-priced.

You can complete most tasks without help, and there is a dashboard to track traffic usage.

Smartproxy caps the bandwidth you may send to Google at about 150 GB/month for the residential IPs. This is where we would recommend against using their service. 

But they offer a SERP API if you want more search engine traffic.

  • Pool size: 40M residential proxies
  • Locations: All countries with country & city targeting
  • Rotation: Every request, 10, 30 mins
  • Support: 24/7 via live chat or email
  • Price: Starts from $12.5 for 1 GB. A 3-day refund is available.
proxies for seo


One of the most well-known proxy services available is Bright Data. 

It offers the biggest proxy service with over 40 million home IP addresses.

Residential proxies from Bright Data are excellent for SEO efforts. 

The pricing of their proxies is complex, but they base it on bandwidth. 

Proxies from Bright Data might be pricey. Their proxies are dependable, quick, secure, and dependable for SEO.

  • Pool size: Over 40 Million
  • Locations: Every nation on the planet
  • Rotation: Automatic
  • Support: 24/7 tickets and account manager for Enterprises
  • Price: Beginning at 40GB for $500 per month. 
proxies for seo


Zyte isn’t a proxy vendor per se. They focus on web scraping. However, they do provide residential proxies and tons of other features.

The Smart Proxy Manager from Zyte has a web scraping layer that includes features like ban avoidance and auto retries.

So, it’s a controlled strategy that seeks to simplify your life while returning data 100% of the time. It’s free if it fails.

Smart Proxy Manager can have problems with Google because it uses datacenter proxies. You’ll need a residential proxy plan that raises costs and levies traffic-based fees to get around them. 

The customer service is good, but entry plans only have access during business hours. 

  • Proxy pool size: Scalable as needed
  • Locations: 12 countries with more on demand
  • Rotation: Automatic
  • Support: Business hours unless you have the Entreprise plan
  • Price: Starts from $300/month

If you’re looking for a solid choice of SEO proxies, IPBurger is a great option. With its fast speeds and reliable service, you’ll be able to get the most out of your SEO efforts.

IPBurger also has what you need if you’re looking for proxies for SEO scraping.

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