All in One Bot Review | Does the AIO BOT V2 Cook or not?

AIO bot is one of the most popular sneaker bots today. If everyone uses it, then it must be good, right?

(Answer that question with something like a popular pharmaceutical drug from the 50s)

That was an unfair correlation, and the AIO bot isn’t that bad, but you get the point.

As you’ll see, it’s super-easy to set up and use, has some great features, but that doesn’t mean it’ll cop sneakers you want from the sneaker websites that have them!

So in this AIO bot V2 review, we’ll also look at how well the AIO bot works for copping shoes on multiple sneaker sites.

Introducing: The All in One Bot

Like a swiss army sneaker bot, all-in-one bots work on all sites (at least in theory). It would be more accurate to say that they work on quite a few sites. You may even go so far as to say that they spread their success rate thin across multiple websites.

AIO sneaker bot has been around for a long time. Rumor has it that they’re the first all-in-one sneaker bot (even though the development team started the story themselves).

Regardless, the AIO bot must be pretty decent if it’s stuck around this long amid so many other bots throughout the years. Many of these other bots are absolute beasts too!

AIO is manufactured by the same developers as ANB AIO (Another Nike bot), and they have a separate bot for Supreme. If you’re familiar with them, you know how much work and showmanship they put into marketing, tutorials, and general customer interactions.

The cynic may see their grand theatrics as a way to push an inferior product. But maybe it’s just a personality quirk.

Unlike the first version, the interface of AIO bot V2 is very sleek, simple to use yet contains everything you need in one place.

Does the AIO bot Cook?

It certainly can! However, what makes the aio bot work is an entire recipe that includes the best sneaker proxies, cook groups, and aiming for sites that the AIO bot supports.

What sites does the AIO bot support?

AIO Bot V2 provides large-scale support for over 200 sites. While it CAN cook on Adidas and Supreme, it only shows consistency on foot sites. After some recent upgrades, they’re getting better with some of the Shopify stores but don’t really compete with higher-end bots or catch restocks that have massive hype.

Does this mean you should look elsewhere for restocks and hitting grail-level releases? Absolutely!

Here’s a critical look at which is the best sneaker bot for Shopify and other sites.

But AIO bot is more than capable of beating out even the high-end bots at sneaker raffles, which is all the rage these days anyway.

AIO Bot Pricing

AIO Bot software currently retails at a one-time fee of $325. Not bad, considering that they throw in the Supreme bot too. Right now, I see that they offer 10% off on many of their products, which may not last long as they roll out AIO bot V3. (Then I’ll have to write another aio bot review).

The original AIO bot comes with 100 tasks, which means you can make purchases on a sneaker drop with up to 100 individual accounts. If your system can handle it, you can upgrade to unlimited tasks for an additional $500. (Don’t forget the discount)

Many sneaker lovers that use aio report that the bot works fine with the base 100 tasks, so you may want to save your money for the dunks instead.

Upon activation, you have complete access to the bot features, including free updates and fixes for 6 months. If you want to continue to receive upgrades and support after that, the price is $69 bi-annually. You don’t have to pay to keep using the bot, but it’ll probably suck.

How to Use the AIO Bot

AIO Bot is one of the most user-friendly bots out there. AIO’s interface is straightforward and has all the features needed for a sneaker bot in one place.

The following is what you can expect with a bare-necessity setup. After installation, you just need to do a few things to get it to work. 


Most of the settings are optional, like the captcha solving service, notifications, delays, PayPal info, and preferred language. The only thing you really need to do is upload your login details from your target sneaker site.

  1. Create an account on the website you want to buy from
  2. Add the credentials to your site accounts list


Proxies are necessary for the AIO bot to even launch a task. You can purchase AIO proxies that they say are tailored to work with their bot, but that may just be some friendly manipulation.

It’s best to download a list of residential proxies from us, obviously. (It’s not manipulation when it’s put so transparently)

Plus, our whole dashboard setup makes this step really easy. You get the fastest residential proxies that are so close to sneaker retailers, you may be invading their personal space bubble.

The general recommendation for how many proxies you need per task is a ratio of 1:1. So if you want to use all 100 tasks, you will need to download a list of 100 proxies. This is no problem with IPBurger’s dashboard that lets you pick a city and download a list of up to 1000 proxies.

To add proxies, all you do is click the ‘add new’ button and paste your proxy list.

Enter billing and shipping details

This part is pretty straightforward. However, you’ll want to brush up on some tricks of the trade if you plan to cop multiple pairs of sneakers from one release. Namely, you need to jig your address and credit card to have a unique set of details for each profile.

Read all about it here in the jigging guide to cop multiple pairs of sneakers.

Set up Tasks

You can automatically set up a task from any of the AIO monitors. They will automatically fill in the task details apart from which proxy list and billing details you will use. 

To manually set up a task, you will need to fill in the whole task card, including early links, keywords, shoe size, and which store. 

Once the details are filled in, you can simply start the task by pressing the play button. 

If you ever get stuck on any of these steps or want to learn more advanced features like harvesting cookies, AIO has a massive collection of manuals, FAQs, and of course, lively discord support.

AIO Bot Features

AIO Bot boasts a lot of benefits that make its functions not only easier to navigate but also increase your chances of success.

AIO Bot Customer Support

The customer support team may be their best asset (not because everyone needs a lot of support all the time). Live chat is available through their discord channel, or you can use e-mail support if you want to send them a message through their website.

Either way, after sending the message, a customer service representative should get back to you in between two to three hours.

On top of a great customer support team, the self-help section is quite impressive too. They have a remarkable FAQ collection and video tutorials for almost any essential part of the setup.

AIO Bot task setup and management

With AIO’s multithreaded capability, you can run many tasks at once without losing speed. Multi-threading technology is just splitting up the workload between multiple cores to process information more efficiently.

Tasks can be created with the AIO bot when you select the site type from the drop-down menu. You have to choose a sneaker retailer type (Shopify, Footsites, Demandware, Supreme) and fill in the rest.

You can use guest accounts for all websites but ensure your target site permits it. A task log will show you what the bot is doing and notify you if you need to use the manual captcha solver.

AIO Discord Server

AIO Bot offers a free discord server where there are guidelines on setting up the bot. It’s like a cook group specifically for the aio bot. Their own monitors update you on the latest drops for footsites, Shopify, Bape, Adidas, and others.

You can see the success of other members and pick up intel on how to refine your skills.

AIO Bot is easy to set up and use

The AIO Bot takes just a couple of minutes to download and install and is easy to use. While this isn’t unique, and many other sneaker bots could win an award for not being a technological headache, aio bot makes you feel like sneaker botting could be taught in kindergarten.

Features of special sites

AIO bot offers a Shopify monitor and queue bypass. For select foot sites, it supports a captcha bypassing mode. These two features are handy for beginners but may not add any benefit or even be desirable for those who prefer to use other tools.

Optimized Servers and Proxies

AIO bots have their own brand of optimized servers and proxies. However, they certainly don’t come free with the purchase of the bot and are more expensive than many other solutions on the market.

I honestly can’t tell you if they’re any better, and I recommend you try out different proxies. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that residential proxies can be closer to the server you want to connect to and rarely (if ever) get blocked.

AIO bot has a couple of advanced features that help increase your chance of copping limited edition sneakers.

The Keyword Finder can perform a product keyword search for sneakers to easily create tasks before the latest kicks release. The Link Monitor finds sneaker links once a specific pair drops and adds the links to the shopping bag for check-out. A clear win for the AIO bot.

Auto-Checkout Retries and Captcha Harvester

AIO Bot, like most sneaker bots, automates the check-out process and fills in your information. AIO bot will also retry the check-outs upon failure or when the site crashes and reboots.

A captcha harvester allows you to create captcha tokens for bypassing captchas as fast as possible during a drop. You can also make a one-click captcha with a manual captcha harvester, but it requires a farmed Gmail account to access.

Exclusively Supports Windows OS

To the dismay of Mac users, the AIO Bot is native only to Windows. But fear not! You can use it on Mac OS and other systems with a sneaker server.

A sneaker server is a virtual machine that you can remotely run Windows on from your computer. It can actually add a great deal of speed and allows you to keep your AIO bot running 24/7 if that’s your thing.

No refunds, resales, or rentals

A blessing and a curse – you can only register the AIO bot to one computer. It does keep the user base a little more modest in size. The curse is that you’re stuck with it, forever.

You can’t get your money back out of it in any other way than reselling sneakers for profit. And if you’re computer dies, the bot goes down with the ship.

It’s safe to say that if you see one for sale through a third party, it would be a terrible idea to buy it unless you want to make a charitable donation to a scam artist.

The Best Proxies for AIO Bot

Your options here are to use residential, ISP, or datacenter proxies.

In short, ISP proxies are technically the best. They combine the speed, reliability, and residential status of the other two. However, they’re way more expensive and hard to find. It’s probably best to reserve these puppies for super-limited drops. You wouldn’t want to use them for a raffle, as that may not be cost-effective.

Residential proxies are next in line, and you’ll want to use them most of the time.

Data center proxies are faster, but there are just too many problems you can run into. Most of the time, it’s just not worth the hassle.

General advice on using datacenter and ISP proxies is to set up one proxy per task. With residential, there’s no need to worry about how many IPs you need to buy. Many providers give you access to large pools of IP addresses that can automatically rotate for each task.

The thing that will frustrate bots the most are lousy proxies. For obvious reasons, do not use free proxies. If it’s not-so-obvious, give this a read.

The AIO bot works with any old proxies, but you should find the best proxies for the job. Otherwise, you may not be able to use AIO bot features like multiple task modes to their true potential.

To learn more about what proxies will bring out the best in your sneaker bot – check out this article about sneaker proxies.

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