A VPN for gaming, Is it necessary?

A VPN has various functions besides privacy and security, and even in the gaming world, a VPN is a necessity. Here is why you might want to turn on the VPN when its gaming time.

Gain early access to games and get discounts

Games usually have early releases, and only residents of a particular location can access them. They are much like movies. A long-awaited movie may premier a month earlier before the global release date. This also happens to games. Besides early access, early releases may sale at discounted prices. To enjoy this offer, a VPN is necessary as it will take you to any place in the world at the comfort of your seat. All you need to do is select a server location at which the game is being released. And by just that, you will have a head start and enjoy the game before other gamers get it.

Unblock geo-restricted games

If you are familiar to cord cutting, some games are like Netflix and BBC iPlayer. They are geo-restricted to certain places only. Games also have another restriction in that they can be banned in many countries for instance if they are seen as a cultural invasion, promote violence or even contain adult content. In some places such as institutions, you won’t play online games as their ports are blocked by a NAT firewall and other blocking mechanisms.

With a VPN, you won’t have to worry about geo-restrictions. All you need is to select the right server and bypass censorships, port blocking, firewalls and gain access to the game you want.

Avoid game lag

Your ISP might be throttling your connection and this at times can increase your game lag. Lags are a gamer’s worst enemy as you will be trounced in a multiplayer mode. In this situation, a VPN can help you beat the lag. That’s, through the VPN tunnel, your ISP won’t know your online activities such as gaming. Hence your ISP can’t throttle your game if they don’t know you’re playing a game. This will result in high speeds, latency, and ping.

No more DoS attacks

Online multiplayer games are also not safe from hackers and cybercriminals. When cheats are not applicable, the next thing a hacker does is to deploy a DOS attack. Denial of Service (DoS) attack as the name suggests is an attack that is aimed at making some resources or services unavailable to other users. With a DOS attack, several gamers cannot access the game or won’t be able to continue with the game unless they restart the game. This means you might lose your multiplayer XP, be defeated or even quit the game frustrated. A VPN can help you avoid this attack as malicious gamers won’t propagate a DOS attack if your connection is encrypted and protected.

IPBurger, the best VPN for gamers

To avoid the above gaming injustices and gain access to other geo-restricted games, you need the right VPN for gaming such as IPBurger.

IPBurger uses strong encryptions, offers lightning speeds and has many servers to choose from. These are the ideal requirements for the right VPN for gaming.

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