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Chimera (UK)

I am so impressed with this service. The support team are amazing! Multiple services set up, auto connect and kill switch enabled...all very easy to install and set up (and im not the most tech savvy). Great job!

Instaify (US)

I decided to start using the VPN. It was quick to get the account information after placing the order. Probably to took less than a few mins to get the info into my email. After getting the info, I downloaded the software - it was easy to install and got the account up running.

CamaroSS (US)

Haven't had time to test out the VPN service yet but I do have to say IPBurger delivered everything instantly. Everything looks pretty self explanatory. Plain and simple. I'm sure I won't have any issues. I'd recommend the service just from the experience I've had so far!

BoBo (UK)

It took less than 1 minute to register and make an order. Straightforward and simple. setup guide and FAQ's are there to help if you need help.

Billgraham (US)

After some research, I went with IPBurger for a Dedicated IP. Heard good things, and so far it's been great! Tutorial to set up was a breeze. Highly recommended!

Shadow Down (Canada)

Works great! Took no time to set up and works on both mac & windows

RookProp (US)

Just bought an IP. The guide was easy to follow. Tried it out on a new ebay account. Hope everything works. Thanks. Now I dont have to rely on my phone data.

Snuggly Tiger (US)

I just signed up for IPBurger yesterday and it is absolutely FANTASTIC!!! It works flawlessly with eBay & all other websites that I've been to (Google, Youtube, Amazon, etc.) It's fast, secure & pretty affordable.

Jigsaw (UK)

Purchased fresh UK IP plan. Very easy to setup and VPN runs very smoothly. No issues. Highly recommended!

Spogoss (US)

Purchased a couple of days ago. Purchase went flawless, they emailed back promptly. Got information and support on how to do everything and setup emails less than an hour later. Works great! Thanks IPBurger! Excellent service as always!

RK777 (Sri Lanka)

I purchased fresh USA IP plan for 3 month. Very easy to setup and VPN runs very smoothly. No issues. Highly recommended!

Buy Sell Unlock (US)

Very professional website. Easy checkout and quick response to all my emails. Thank you.

eContact (UK)

Great service. I was able to get on and use the new IP. No issues at all...

Tarbari (US)

I purchased the fresh VPN service and the delivery was prompt. I like the setup guides and the fact that I can use it on mobile too. Everything looks good so far.

USyed1 (US)

Just bought a USA vpn from Very Fast delivery and quick support. And it took no time to setup. No effect on internet speed. I will be buying more..

Tommy Scott (UK)

WOW! What a fantastic service. IPBurger is something I would say just go for it, don't stop to think about it. You will be happy for sure.

Ubaida (US)

As of today, I have over 20 Dedicated IPs from IP Burger and they work flawlessly and connect fast with a simple clean client. The service they provide is top notch, your support ticket is usually answered within minutes or an hour max. Thank you guys

Help Me 1 (US)

I have bought a lot of VPNs from IPBurger and I want to say that I'm very much satisfied with the service and the good support.

Iceman (UK)

Ordered 2 fresh UK IP's and so far has been spot on, faultless. Using both an app on Android and the Mac OS application, I've been able to get setup with ease. Definitely recommend.

Kleen Earth (US)

Bought an IP about a month ago, works flawlessly. Thanks!

JP Foster (Canada)

I'm currently using IPBurger and its very easy to set up and use. Very impressed... Thanks IPBurger for the Fresh Dedicated VPN. Cheers!

Beast (US)

Purchased a fresh VPN for 3 months. My service was active within an hour. The setup is easy, there are step by step guides for Windows & Mac. Connection is quick. Happy with everything so far.

Stack That Money (US)

I have been using the service for about a week now...So far so good! Good customer service as well.

Mas7ermind (Bulgaria)

Bought a couple of IPs from IPBurger , they all work great. Thanks a lot!

Saul123 (Vietnam)

I bought the VPN today and I am very happy. Very very HIGH quality ips. Will be ordering more soon. Thanks!

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