Unlimited VPN Bandwidth: No bandwidth restrictions or download limitations

IPBurger VPN gives you unlimited bandwidth that gets rid of download limitations set by your ISP and other bandwidth throttling agencies.

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Protect your privacy – VPN secured Unlimited Bandwidth


Limit the information your ISP can see

Your ISP provides you with the gateway to access the open internet; this means your ISP monitors every single activity you perform on the internet; internet searches, download traffic, and even website queries. One thing we’ve learnt from the past is that you can’t trust your ISP. They might share your information with the government for surveillance, trade it to advertisement agencies and other third parties.

This puts your data and other sensitive information at risk. With IPBurger VPN’s encryption, your ISP won’t be able to see what you are doing online,and this makes your browsing activities, internet searches and downloads private.


Be anonymous online

Besides limiting the information your ISP can see, using IPBurger VPN’s encryption, your internet traffic will be protected and kept safe from other prying eyes such as hackers. Also, IPBurger VPN hides your real IP addresses by assigning you a virtual IP address depending on the server you connect to. The VPN encryption and virtual IP address protects your online privacy and ensures your online security is never compromised.With this assurance, you can browse, access content and download files anonymously.


Strict No Log VPN

Even with strong encryptions and virtual IP addresses, a VPNthat keeps logs still violates your privacy,and your security can be breached. But with IPBurger VPN, your privacy and online security will be intact as we do not collect or keep any browsing activity or connection logs. And any minimal informationcollected is always anonymized and used for troubleshooting purposes. This means anything you do online won’tbe tracked back to you.

OtherIPBurger VPN features

  • Top-notch customer support

    IPBurger VPN’s support staff are highly trained to solve any VPN issues. Contact IPBurger VPN Support Team for any VPN queries.

  • Risk-free 30-day VPN trial

    Use IPBurger VPN’s unlimited bandwidth with the 30-day money back guarantee.

  • Easy to use apps

    IPBurger VPN’s apps are straightforward to use and are compatible with most computing platforms.

Money Back Guarantee

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We are the only VPN provider with a family of 3 million+ users across the world. We have what it takes to keep you happy, private and protected. If you're not 100% satisfied with IPBurger, we'll refund your payment. No hassles, no risk.

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