How to Hide Your Location (and Change Your IP Address) With VPN.

John, an eBay seller, is hitting it big online. In his first three months of selling online, he has already ranked in six figures in revenue.

He’s killing it — and he wants more…

Although John has heard of the various sad tales of eBay sellers who got banned online, he is not fazed by it.

After all, he’s doing everything right. If there’s anything to worry about, it’s to fulfill his daily orders.

A couple of weeks later, as he was preparing for the day, he received an email from eBay.



That’s an unfamiliar email. John’s account has been suspended, and he’s mad!

Several attempts to get his account back online yielded no fruit.

Then an idea struck him. 

It’s one of those eureka moments! — he has to open another account and start all over again.

Well, that didn’t work. He is prohibited from opening a new account.

Everything seems to be going against him.

Slowly but surely, John lost a touch of his creativity. He is a shadow of his former self. 

He’s down the drain, and there’s no coming back.

Yes, I know, every story has to have a happy ending. There should be a thrilling come back scenario and a happy ever after.

That’s not always the case in real life.

Life is hard, and if you’re like most eBay sellers, you’ve probably been in John’s shoe, and you’re looking for a way out.

Others, however, are probably confused and worried.


Because they don’t fully understand what eBay account suspension has to do with how to hide your location (and change your IP address) with VPN.

Here’s a shocker — it has everything to do with it, and there’s more…

If you’re like most people, you probably know that an IP address is a digital ID which your internet providers use to identify you.

Anyone with your IP address won’t just identify you, but the person can trace you back to your place of residence.

Also, web owners use an IP address to spy on web visitors. The data mined from these visitors are used to deliver more personalized ads to them.

Before delving into how to hide your location (and change your IP Address), you’ve got to know what an IP address is, and why you should protect it.

What Is an IP Address

The internet is comprised of a large number of interconnected network. And these networks requires a system for effective communication.

The Internet Protocol (IP) is a unique number assigned to every device that accesses the internet.

Whether you’re accessing the internet via a smartphone, a laptop, or a desktop computer, your device is assigned a unique identification number — and that’s the IP address.

Here are a couple of popular IP addresses. — the IP address of Harvard University. — Google’s IP address.

In the real world, every house has an address, and the address is unique to that building. Also, every car has a license plate. No two vehicles in the world have the same license plate.

That’s similar to how IP addresses work.

Every device that accesses the internet has a unique number — and this number is the IP address.

There are two versions of an Internet Protocol — IP Version 4 (IPv4) and IP Version 6 (IPv6).

These two IP version helps in identification and address location. Their difference lies in the number of possible addresses.

IPv6 uses 128 bits, which results in about 3.4 x 1038 addresses while IPv4 uses 32 bits, which results in about 4 billion addresses.

Why Should You Hide Your IP Address?

Folks tend to hide their IP address due to several different reasons.

First, a hidden IP address lets you get around the geographic restriction. Some government agencies and private companies tend to hide their contents from people of specific geographical region. If you hide your IP address, you’d be able to move around these restrictions and access content from all corners of the web.

Since an IP address is tied to a physical location, folks who hide their IP are in control of their online presence. That is, they determine who gets to know their physical location.

Here’s the thing; protecting the physical location may not be a big deal to some people. Others, however, see it as a way of safeguarding their online presence. Therefore, to be on the safe side and prevent the prying eyes of intruders, you’ve got to hide your IP address.

Furthermore, hiding your IP address protects your online identity. Since each internet-enabled device is assigned a unique IP, anyone who’s internet savvy enough can trace an IP address to the device, thereby unveiling the identity of the device’s owner.

Companies and other third party agencies can easily track your online activity by merely following your IP address.

What’s more, these companies and web owners may misuse your information and sell it to advertising agencies.

Have you wondered why almost all ads that appear on your screen are particularly personal? 

Well, that’s because it’s tailored to get your attention. 

That’s not all…

Hiding an IP address is a sure path to online freedom.

When web owners know your IP address, they are in control of your online experience — it’s a pretty bad sign since you’re left in the cold without having any form of control over your experience.

However, when your IP address is hidden, you tend to exercise more control and freedom over what you see online.

Aside from web owners who would want to control your web experience, other third parties like government agencies, your internet provider, or the Wi-Fi network operator may wish to redirect, censor, or block your web activities.

This is particularly harmful as your activities online would be controlled by factors beyond your control. 

By hiding your IP address, you get to regain your online freedom and be off the hook.

One more thing…

Remember John, the eBay seller who got suspended for no apparent reason at all? 

Well, John was guilty of an offense — and that is using his regular IP address.

Here’s the thing; hiding your IP address with VPN offers you the freedom to manage your online business without risking account suspension.

If you’re like John, who are trying to figure out a way out of an account suspension, you should create an online account using a stealth account.

A stealth account not only protects you from account suspension, but it also enables you to create multiple accounts that are independent of one another. This way, you get to replicate product listing, which is performing well in a different account with ease.

Now you know the freedom and benefits of hiding an IP address, here are easy ways of doing just that.

How to Hide Your IP Address

Hiding your IP address is pretty straightforward. You can either use a proxy server or a VPN.

There’s also Tor — but Tor is not an ideal fit for most folks out there. It’s slow and may not be the perfect fit for people who manage online businesses on Amazon and eBay.

Tor is mainly the breeding ground for most illegal and dark online activities. 

If you’re legit, and you’d want to run a flawless business online, then Tor is not for you.

Moving on, the Proxy server helps to bypass geographical restrictions and other forms of IP restriction.

When it comes to data encryption and protection, you’re left in the cold, and you’re better off with VPN.

What’s more, proxies don’t really shield you from the prying eyes of third party agencies and the government.

If you want all-round data security and internet freedom, then VPN is the right fit for you.

Here’s how to secure your data with a VPN.

Protecting Your Online Presence With VPN

An excellent VPN service is the most convenient means of securing your online presence.

Here are a couple of juicy benefits of using a dedicated fresh VPN service.

  • Hidden IP address
  • Encryption of internet traffic
  • Grants access to geo-restricted sites like Hulu and Netflix
  • Protects you from online account suspension on sites like eBay and Amazon
  • Allows you to create multiple stealth accounts on eCommerce sites like Amazon and eBay

When you’re connected to a VPN service, you’d be assigned a new IP address. This would mask your online presence, thereby providing the online anonymity you desire.

Setting up a VPN service takes a couple of minutes. And once you’re all set up, you can connect and change your IP address by just tapping on your computer keyboard.

Pretty cool! Huh? But how does a VPN change the IP address of the user?

Here’s how it works…

When you connect to a VPN service, you’d be assigned a new virtual IP address. 

Your original IP address is used to connect to the VPN provider, but your new virtual IP address would be used to access the web.

All your traffic would be tunneled via your private network. That is, the external traffic will connect to the new virtual IP address.

For starters, you should opt for the IPBurger VPN services.

Veteran online users or folks who would want to secure their privacy can also opt for the IPBurger VPN. 

It is particularly relevant for folks who desire to create multiple eBay and Amazon accounts. And if you’ve hit rock bottom like John, you can start again — but begin wisely by using dedicated fresh VPN.

Imagine a world where you get to manage all your online business without the fear of account suspension. 

IPBurger makes that world come alive via the dedicated fresh VPN service.

You get to freely use a public connection in airport and cafe without the fear of security bridge and data exposure. And the 256-bit encryption provides ultimate security and data encryption.

Window users can get a simplified guide on how to install the IPBurger VPN in the short video tutorial below.

Why Should You Hide Your IP With IPBurger VPN?


Yes, there are several ways of hiding your IP address. 

However, IPBurger is the best when it comes to extensive security features and hard-core commitment to your online privacy.

Here’s what you’d get with IPBurger VPN.

First, the best tools to secure your online presence and data.

Also, a team of top-rated security engineers dedicated to your online privacy.

These two combos are the perfect mix for ultimate online freedom.

That’s not all…

You get to partner with a team of privacy research scientists that are always looking into new and emerging trends of online privacy.

Don’t be like John, who lost his business and online freedom due to ignorance.

Signup today for a renewed and better online experience.

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