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How IPBurger saved my Amazon business

Did you know…

Due to recent changes in Amazon policy, more Amazon Seller Accounts are getting suspended than ever before?

Wreaking havoc and devastating small businesses. Leaving sellers confused, frustrated, and out of business for weeks, or worse…. banned forever.

All due to one, minor, often overlooked change that can be easily prevented?
In this article, I’m going to tell you more about this and how you can protect your FBA business.
I’m Josh, and Since 2014 I’ve been a digital nomad, traveling the world, running my Amazon FBA business from my laptop.
You could find me in coffee shops, using the coffee shop’s Wi-Fi and log in to my FBA business portal.
For a time, everything was going great. thousands of customers and high profits while still traveling around. I was living the life of my dreams. But then one day in early September 2017, I woke up to see the words that every Amazon seller fears
 “Your account has been Suspended”
After weeks of my business on hold, losing thousands of revenue, and hours of back and forth with Seller Support I still was unable to get my account back.
After doing some reading online, I found out that Amazon has been cracking down on more FBA business accounts than ever before. The most common reasons as to why Amazon suspends an FBA account include:
  1. Low Performance / Too Many Returns
  2. Selling restricted products / Copyright Violations And finally…
  3. Operating Multiple Seller Accounts
When you create a selling account with Amazon, you must abide by the house’s rules. Violation of any of the Amazon’s policies will result in the suspension of your account, whether they are legitimate claims or just a mistake.
I had not violated any of the Amazon’s policies and rules, neither had I created multiple accounts nor had I sold counterfeit goods. In fact, I had been a high ranked seller for years.
Then why was my account suspended?

Going back to #3 reason mentioned above, it turns out my account I was suspended for supposedly operating multiple seller accounts. However, I’ve only had one account for all of these years, so how is this possible?

Here’s Why…


With an increase in fraud and suspensions, in 2019 Amazon has implemented new policies in order to start cracking down. Tracking and Blacklisting IP addresses of all of the devices and connections associated with banned and suspended accounts.

But here’s the problem…

If you’re anything like me and occasionally work from a coffee shop, cafe, or simple hotel to access your FBA portal without protection , it can result in a ban of your account.
It turns out Amazon has a ‘Guilty until proven innocent’ policy when it comes to blacklisted IP addresses, and you must, therefore, appeal to prove your innocence — which most of the time will fall on deaf ears.
Eventually, after 3 months of persistence and sheer luck, I was able to recover my account — but you may not be so lucky.
To make sure this never happened again I began searching for a preventative measure — a solution.
It turns out most of the most experienced Amazon FBA sellers are already aware of this problem and are already using IPBurger Dedicated IPs and Proxies.

What is IPBurger?

IPBurger is a special type of Proxy service designed for FBA Sellers and Online Business Owners.
It masks your current IP Address and assigns you a new IP Address on servers in the country of your choice that is exclusively reserved for you, and your business.
  • Protection For Amazon Sellers 

With Amazon Seller businesses, it is vital that your location and IP address remain consistent. A dedicated IP address makes this possible.

This means that when you connect to any internet connection regardless of the location, your online identity remains the same. The risks of being suspended and blocked are reduced.

  • Travel and Work from any wifi without worries

Being a digital nomad, I’m always traveling a lot and usually to different countries. With IPBurger, even if I travel to a country where Amazon services are blocked, I can still conduct my business.

With the dedicated IP address, my actual location is hidden and replaced with a virtual location, to Amazon, it still appears I’m in my home country. Thus, I can do business without worrying if my account will be suspended if I moved from home.

How To Buy and Use IPBurger Dedicated VPN:

1. Go to
2. Select Your Plan
3. Sign up for as low as $5.41 Per Month

4. Download and Install on Unlimited Devices in just 3 clicks!

Get IPBurger 

Don’t make the same mistake as I did, protect your online Amazon business with IPBurger!


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