How to watch TV without cable

Cable TV is one of the most popular ways of viewing content. But since the advent of internet availability everywhere, Cable TV has proven to be expensive as compared to other ways of watching the same TV content. And that’s the reason why everyone has been cord cutting and streaming instead.

How to watch worldwide content on Amazon Fire TV

Amazon devices; Fire TV and Fire Stick are one of the best streaming devices for cord cutters and anyone seeking to revolutionize home entertainment. These devices are sleek and pack powerful streaming specs such as HD support and installation of streaming apps. For cord cutters, watching live TV, TV shows, movies, and sporting events have …

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Get to know your VPN

When using a VPN or a VPN service, you might encounter some technical terms and wonder how they are related to your privacy and security. Well, in this article, we are going to explain some few very basic technical terms that encompass a VPN and its services.

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