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VPN protocols

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) must have a secure connection to various servers when accessing the internet. Protocols facilitate these connections. Protocols are standards that define how the VPN does its communications. They are used to offer security and faster VPN experience. There are various protocols which a VPN uses each with different strengths and …

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IP leaks and how to check for one

Internet threats and vulnerabilities are risks every internet user should be ready to encounter, mitigate, and even avoid. Most of the vulnerabilities arise from various factors, but many are due to weaker internet security and poor privacy protection mechanisms. To prevent this, many internet users around the world are using anonymizers and VPNs for internet …

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How to take care of your internet privacy and security

Recently there have been security and privacy breaches in giant tech companies. Unfortunately, the breaches affected not only the companies but also their users as well. Besides breaches, most of the time we aid cybercriminals in getting our personal information effortlessly. We are giving it to them freely, in other terms, we can say we …

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Why you should always use VPN

Every day we rely on the internet for our day to day activities, a lot of which involve sensitive data such as Personally identifiable information (PII). Bad actors are also relying on the internet to get this information for malicious activities. This has, in turn, made the internet inherently insecure. To be safe from cyber …

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VPN vs Proxy

Privacy and security are crucial factors everyone checks when surfing the internet. But it’s hard to achieve the recommended levels if you don’t have the right tools. Without them, the internet is just an open cyberspace with all the risks such as government surveillance, monitoring and tracking and also other threats such as Man-in-the-middle (MITM) …

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